Crank Factory

The core team behind Awful’s Gas and Snack calls themselves Crank Factory. Crank Factory currently consists of ten people, making group decisions by consensus.

Awful’s Pit Crew

At Burning Man, the core team will be joined by a number of other people who are helping to set up and maintain the installation, set up and run our camp, take shifts working as attendants at Awful’s, make the burn safe, and clean everything up afterward. Together we will be “Awful’s Pit Crew”.

The many, many helpers

In the lead-up to Burning Man, we are aided by a much larger group of volunteers who help with all aspects of the project – spending evenings and weekends building the mini-mart, painting the props, writing and recording audio segments, and helping run our open houses and fundraisers. And of course our total community of support is even wider: all the people who’ve attended our events, given us financial support, and shared our story with their friends and family.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all of you, in every capacity, who are helping us bring Awful’s Gas and Snack to fruition!

A sketch from the notebook of Piney Loach, an Awful’s Gas and Snack attendant (museum employee)
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