Walking the Talk

Reducing our environmental impact

Awful’s Gas and Snack illustrates a vision of a positive future in order to stimulate people to imagine – and help our society navigate – a path out of the deepening ecological crisis.

While we can’t be perfect ourselves – we’re part of the current society – we have taken a couple of significant steps to reducing the environmental impact of Awful’s Gas and Snack.

100% reclaimed wood

We committed to building our project with 100% reclaimed wood. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. And we followed through. Every single two-by-four and every square foot of plywood that makes up Awful’s is wood that would have gone to the dump. It wasn’t always easy – we took down this shed in West Oakland on one of the hottest afternoons this spring – but we made it happen.

Transporting the exhibit without gasoline or diesel

Provided we have enough money to cover it, we want to get the materials out to Burning Man using electric vehicles. (In Nevada, electricity is more than 20% renewable energy, and California’s electricity is more than 50% zero-carbon sources.) Our plan is to tow a trailer with a Tesla Model X (their SUV). Because of the long distances between chargers, we will need to include an extra battery pack in the trailer. Help us make this happen!

lumber from West Oakland shed
Lumber salvaged from a shed in West Oakland, CA.


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